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We promote the digital transformation of our clients in the field of energy, being specialists in the intelligent management of data, providing consulting services and the implementation of solutions throughout the energy lifecycle.

Our engagement is to promote a responsible and efficient use of energy, the promotion of renewable energies and an optimization of the operating ecosystem, which has a direct impact on:

For this purpose, we have an excellent human team led by the following people:

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Highlighted solutions with reference partners

CHC ENERGÍA is an electricity trading company that was born in 2009, from the association of two organizations that complement each other to create a leading company in its sector:

  • CIDE SERVICIOS COMERCIALES, company that groups the commercial activities of more than 200 small electricity distributors, provide closeness to the customer, experience in human treatment and excellence in service.
  • EDP, present in the entire value chain of the electricity and gas sector, it leads the Spanish satisfaction indexes of customers.

CHC ENERGÍA currently has a portfolio of more than 450,000 supply points spread over 1,600 towns in the national territory and more than 400 people dedicated to customer service.

At MTECH Energy Consulting we trust them all to provide our clients with bespoke energy supply offers based on their consumption profile at a competitive prices.

For more information about our partner, we recommend you to visit their website: https://www.chcenergia.es/es/

LG was founded in 1958 in South Korea and, since then, has been at the forefront of the digital era, being a leading global technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.

The business lines widely known to the general public are telephony, image and sound, home appliances and air conditioning, but its LG Solar division has been researching, manufacturing and innovating in photovoltaic solar panels for more than 30 years with great international recognition.

Thus, in 2019 they are launching the LG NeON line, a product with 25 years of warranty and superior quality throughout the range:

  • Obtaining more energy in less space.
  • Performance of more than 90% even after 25 years of use.
  • Above-average efficiency thanks to LG’s exclusive CelloTM technology
  • Resistance that doubles the quality standards of the market.

For these reasons, at Mtech Energy Consulting we believe that this LG Solar product line can bring great added value to our customers.

If you want more information about our partner, we recommend you to visit their website: https://www.lg.com/es/solar 

Schneider Electric is the global specialist when it comes to energy management and automation, by offering comprehensive solutions in more tan 100 countries where they are present.

Founded in 1836 by the brothers Eugène and Adolphe Schneider in France, Schneider Electric currently has more than 160,000 employees, has an annual turnover of more than 25,000 million of Euros and its range of products includes low voltage electrical distribution products, building management and security, medium voltage electrical distribution, smart-grid, UPS, solutions for data centres, industrial automation and control products, etc.

As a result of the existing sector and activity synergy between both companies, MTECH Group has maintained a trusting commercial relationship with Schneider Electric Spain for years, which favours the development of projects that integrate its technology.

Thus, at MTECH Energy Consulting we consider that the Schneider Electric solutions in the field of digitalization of electrical distribution are at the forefront of the market and therefore we integrate them in our projects to monitor, analyse and control energy systems.

For more information about our partner, we recommend you to visit their website: https://www.se.com/es/es/

Icopower’s flagship product acts in a very specific field of energy efficiency sector: Voltage Optimization or Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), being one of the solutions among the Top 10 ways of saving energy worldwide according to a study by Siemens UK.

( https://paseexe.org.cy/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Siemens-Top-10-tips-for-saving-energy.pdf ).

Conceptually, the solution is easy to understand: the supplied voltage from the electrical network is usually higher than the nominal voltage, which implies an excess of unnecessary energy consumption within the installation. Therefore, by properly optimizing these voltage levels, you can directly save energy and reduce economic costs by up to 15%, depending on the loads.

The Icopower products have been on the market since 2015 and is already successfully installed in more than 1,600 sites across 25 countries for clients from different sectors: Auchan, Citroën, Bofrost, MD Discounto, Casoni, Banca di Piacenza, Mercure Hotels, Siram Veolia, Klepierre, Rizzoli, etc.

For more information about our partner, we recommend you to visit their website: https://www.panoramaenergy.es

AVS Consulting manages Public Aid for clients to improve their business projects feasibility.

With more than 20 years of experience, they are pioneers in the application of tax incentives and obtaining financing for Research, Development and Technological Innovation activities.

AVS is the leading national consultancy in obtaining Binding Qualifications for the Tax Agency for the application of Tax Deductions for R + D + I activities. Its search for aid is at the local, regional, state and European level, taking responsibility of preparing the technical reports of the projects and offering a comprehensive service for the application and management of the aid.

For these reasons, at MTECH Energy Consulting we count on AVS Consulting when it comes to search for public aid that can provide this important added value in the projects we develop with our clients.

For more information about our partner, we recommend you to visit their website : https://www.avsconsulting.es/


Our scope of action is nationwide, with more than 20 years of previous experience in the electricity sector and with a specialized team capable of providing a customized integrated solution for engineering, management and optimization throughout the energy consumption cycle of any installation.

  • Energy contracting

  • Energy efficiency diagnosis

  • Power quality audit of the network electricity quality

  • Savings measurement and verification plans

  • Smart power distribution infrastructure and maintenance support

  • Real-time measurement and monitoring systems

  • Consulting based on the analysis of digitized data (electrical, energy, climate, business activity parameters, etc.).

  • Action plans for the implementation of actions, solutions and technologies to improve energy efficiency.


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